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Isn’t it frustrating when you work hard at something like your golf swing, for a long period of time, only to find that it hasn’t made much difference at all?

Or even worse, you’ve ended up with no real improvement in your golf swing, but you’ve probably spent a lot of time, energy and money on trying to improve your game.

Maybe you’ve bought new clubs, paid for expensive lessons, or spent longer on the driving range than you’d ever imagined possible. When I speak to other golfers, they’re very rarely happy with their golf swing, but it’s usually the effort they’ve gone to, to correct it in vain, that frustrates us more, wouldn’t you agree?

The professionals make it look so easy, after all, but it takes a lot more than an eagerness to improve, in order to hit a ball as far as Woods or Daly. Of course it’s not just your distance you want to improve, it’s a search for the whole package, accuracy, distance and all finely controlled, under any conditions. This is what you need for the perfect golf swing.

If you tried to work on swinging like the pros, all your life, you may not get it right. The perfect golf swing for everyday golfers may be something very different, to that practiced by the PGA regulars. In fact, you may not find it on your own, on the golf range or taking lessons with club pros. At least, that’s the point behind The Simple Golf Swing.

the simple golf swing

The golf swing is very nuanced, very complicated and difficult to learn and improve, the way things are usually done right now. Whether you’ve played for 5 months or 5 years, you’re probably only too aware of this fact. Not only that, you’re probably aware of how much you wish this wasn’t the case, for your enjoyment of the game.

For the average golfer, who’d often rather play golf than practice, this is even more important. For the average golfer, golf may well be a pleasurable escape from the day to day routine, a chance to let off some pressure. With that in mind, do you really want to be practicing golf, all the time?

Unless you want to be working on your golf swing when you could be playing, you probably wish the whole thing could be simpler. Make a simple golf swing and make the whole game more enjoyable, that‘s the idea behind a product that not only works, it understands what many golfers want and need.

Ease of use and simplicity is something we all expect, in every element of our lives, so why should it be any different, when we aim for a simple golf swing? Why should we continue to work on things that aren’t really getting us anywhere? Why not look for another way forward?

Everything else related to golf has improved, in leaps and bounds, over the last few decades. You have better clubs, better balls and better courses, all through innovation and technology. A little ingenuity goes a long way. So, why don’t you feel like your swing is improving, at the rate you’d expect, no matter what you do?

Clearly, up until now at least, there’s been no real effort in improving the golf swing, in a way that will help an average golfer .If you want to beat your friends and co-workers, you need to be looking at your golf swing, if you want to get a big advantage against them.

If you go for a simple golf swing, while everyone else struggles on with the traditional methods, you have the recipe for even bigger improvements, relative to everyone else. That’s where The Simple Golf Swing comes in.

simple golf video

And if you can get that, from a simple to use training course, with a simple to use swing as the end result, why wouldn’t you want to check that out? If you can drop strokes quickly and maintain the improvement easily, you’ll have plenty of time to be thankful for The Simple Golf Swing.

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