Golf Swing Steps

It is one of the fundamentals of golf but the swing is one of the things that holds most golfers back. When you master the swing you will see your game improve overall but it could take some time to get there. Can you imagine making that perfect shot? The club flows like a dream and you watch the ball glide through the air exactly to where you were aiming. That is what is possible if you can master a golf swing.

Whether you are putting, chipping or driving you will need to master a swing. Most golf swing tips are difficult to follow unless you have good lessons with a trained golfer but even making a few small changes can make the world of difference. So here are some golf swing steps to get you started.

So starting off you will need to pay attention to your stance. If you do not feel natural then there is a good chance the shot will not come off. You want to be in control of the club but not holding on too tightly. The club should feel comfortable in your grip.

Your feet should be placed firmly on the ground so you have a solid footing. You don;t want to be adjusting the feet when you are in position so get a good stance from the start. As you pull back you want to be sure that it is your body which is in control not your arms.

Remember not to give too much control to the upper body. Your arms and shoulders should not be doing the work here. Let your lower body control the backswing and your hips control the motion.

The key factor is to be natural and relaxed with the swing. When you have any tension in your body it will lead to jolting movements. Even the smallest of movements that disrupts the flow can cause a problem.

After you have completed the swing you should assess what you did. Break down each part of the swing to see where you went right and where you went wrong. When the movements becomes natural and relaxed you just need to make it a part of your standard routine so it takes little thought and is just something your body intuitively recalls.

To get a complete break down of the perfect set-up just follow the link below:

> Click here for the simple golf swing set-up

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