Control & The Perfect Golf Swing

How often do you hit the golf ball too hard because of stress or frustration? In this article, I’ll discuss my experiences with maintaining control and staying in the zone.

Ever Get that Feeling…

Ever feel like all you want to do is hit a golf ball as hard as possible, hard enough to literally crush the ball into dust? Unfortunately, hitting a ball ridiculously hard is not an indication of good golf, as much as power is important. Power has to be controlled to provide any practical use.

When you feel stressed and just want to whack the ball, you find that doing so may reduce your stress but it won’t improve your game. Even when driving, there are times when the power has to be held back.

It’s times like this that I have to remind myself that one of the most common golf mistakes involves hitting the ball too hard. In order to have a good, accurate game I need to exert control. This is something I remind myself of regularly.

Golf is all about accuracy, after all. Hitting the ball too far is frustrating, which tends to add to my cycle of stress and frustration. Smooth, controlled hitting reduces my stress, improving my game.

…And Relax

Getting the perfect golf swing means relaxing, and swinging smoothly and easily. When I want to reduce the power of my swing I find it helpful to put my feet closer together

Keep your feet planted, without any jerky movements, will help to keep a stable centre of gravity. I find it quite therapeutic to concentrate on this concept as part of my pre-shot preparations.

I also find it helpful to remember that I should be expending as little effort as possible, in order to get that smoothness of swing. Golf is all about the mental game and I’ll go through the steps I need in order to hit the holy grail of the perfect golf swing; getting in the zone.

Get In The Zone & Stay There

The greatest satisfaction, for me, is getting in the zone, to the point where that pursuit of smoothness feels completely natural and easy. I achieve this best of all when I manage to get thoughts of power out of my mind.

Remembering that a stress free round depends on accuracy, with each successful shot calming me more and more, is the essence of my process. It becomes like a mantra for me when I want things to go better, which is all the time!

When I’m in the zone I never tense up. It’s important, when looking to stay relaxed; remember that tensing up will throw your balance off. If my balance is thrown off, then my shot becomes unpredictable.

When I play smooth and relaxed, there’s nothing to stop me from staying in the zone. All stress melts away, without even realizing it was there to begin with.

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