Pure Point Golf: Golf Swing Book Review

Pure Point Golf are a respected provider of golf training books and videos. In the world of golf teaching, a reputation like this is hard earned.

And the golf swing is the most crucial element of the golf game. Delivering massive improvements, to golfers all over the world, is a great way to earn such a reputation.

pure point golf guideWith that in mind, let’s consider why their flagship Golf Swing Fundamentals book and program is so highly regarded, among golfers.

Why Is A Golf Book Like This Needed?

Golf is a thoroughly engaging sport, with an ever expanding challenge, to suit all kinds of players. However, a lot of people quit playing golf before they reach that level of enjoyment.

Picking up the basis of a good golf swing can be difficult, and it’s also quite challenging to improve beyond the basics. People see the potential for golfing enjoyment, but they get put off and end up putting down the clubs.

As an instructor, Bobby Eldridge noted this, and spent years developing a new ‘full swing method’ to turn rookies into golfers and the average into experts.

So, This Is For The Everyday Golfer?

You may be aware that a lot of golfing instruction fails to find the right approach. It’s often too complex or too general to be of real benefit. Pure Point Golf have, through instructional experience, learned how to reach out to the average golfer and make them better.

This isn’t a system for the super golfer, it creates super golfers. If you are anywhere from a little below average to decent, you may find this incredibly helpful, for your progress as a golfer.

If you’re just getting started, it may be wise to begin from the right place; you won’t find these golf swing techniques quite the same way anywhere else.

What’s The Secret To Success?

Pure Point Golf has expertise and a unique approach to the golf swing, but that’s not all they have to offer the golfer wishing to improve their game.

It’s the combined approach that really sets the Pure Point system apart from other golfing instruction. Sure you have a thorough book to refer to, but it’s backed up by video, software, web seminars and more.

It’s a truly up to date, modern learning approach, the kind of thing you can’t get from a book alone. It has everything to make sure that you can get the most from the experience, without any boredom or frustration.

Want To hit the Ball Further, More Accurately?

The program stresses the importance of consistent golf throughout, with an approach that aims to improve the two cornerstones of good golf, accuracy and power. Only by improving both of these skills can you drop those shots and have your fellow players scratching their head, wondering how you improved so much.

And that combination of drills, techniques and knowledge means that it won’t take long for the improvements to start rolling in, with noticeable improvements likely, for most golfers, in a couple of weeks. Again, this helps you to drive forward with further improvements, to all areas of your golf.

If you’ve noticed the shots you’re wasting, through misjudged and mistimed swings, you may want to check out the Pure Point golf approach today and say goodbye to hooking and slicing the ball in no time!

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