My Top 5 Golf Swing Hints and Tips

Every golfer’s development is unique but these are some things that I’ve picked up and found to be very useful. These hints and tips should be applicable to almost anyone’s golf swing, unless you’re a million dollar golf pro already- if you are please leave me some tips, via my site!

Beginners should pay close attention, before you start learning the bad habits the rest of us have to work to shift. Learning’s easier than unlearning- golf taught me that!

1.       Don’t Put Your Head Down Too Low or Raise it Too High

You don’t need to put your head to your chest or raise it up in the air so that it’s hard to track the ball. The position you should adopt is all about focusing your gaze on the ball, so angle your head to allow your eyes to get the best viewing angle. Keep the ball is the cone of vision where you can hold your gaze.

2.       Keep Your Arms One Hand Away From Your Leg at Address

Unless you are using a putter your hands should start one hand width away from your thigh. This was an important one for me. When I started I always kept my hands too close to my body. I find this happens a lot too.

3.       Get In The Zone

Taking away the clutter from your mind can have a huge impact on your golf swing. Let go of all the stresses of modern life flow out of your mind before you go for a shot. It’s no good thinking about business meetings or reports due.

Watch out for opponents who try to distract you before the shot- I’ve had good friends, with a competitive nature, casually ask me how work’s going just before I take my position!

4.       Develop Your Own Swing Style and Personality

There are so many different styles of swing in golf and it’s always a good idea to try and learn new things. It is, however, good to develop your own style as soon as possible. The more you understand the secrets of the swing, the better- don’t be afraid to study the game!

You’ll know straight away when something works. But don’t be stuck in your ways- If you’re as hooked as I am you’ll be keen to check out more information, as well as any hints and tips you can find!

5.       Watch Other People Play

Whether it’s training programs, watching the pros on TV or just picking up on something  friends do well, you’ll find golf is full of hints and tips waiting to be grabbed. No two golfers are the same, whether they are beginners or pros.

When you stop something you like take it to your next practice session. When you understand what they’re doing you can always adapt it to fit your own style and the areas you most need to work on. Even pros have to keep learning.

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