Is Golf The Ultimate Game Of Skill?

You may think, as I write a golf website, my answer to this question is obvious. And to an extent it is, but here are some of my favorite reasons to declare golf to be “The Ultimate Game of Skill”, which I have debated, on many occasions, with golfers and non-golfers alike.

No Two Golf Courses Are The Same

Unlike other popular sports, such as Basketball or soccer, there’s no standard framework for a golf course. Each golf course is different to the next, and as such, offers a different challenge to the golfer.

The lengths and shapes of each hole can differ greatly, making sure that each golfer has a tight understanding of the fundamental skills, rather than just knowledge of the course. No matter how much understanding of the course you have, you’re likely to get beaten by a golfer with more skill.

No Two Games Are The Same

Every tiny aspect of the golf course can affect the game, and its outcome. Whether it’s the exact length of the greens, at that moment in time, or the changing flow of the wind, golf is variable. With the tiny size of a golf ball, it’s easy for the slightest change to affect its course, which is something that only the truly skilled player can master.

So, even if you play the same course regularly, it’s not the same challenge you face. It’s not something that can be learned and repeated, over and over again. This is evidenced by the relative rarity of hole- in- one shots, even when skilled professionals are involved.

You Can Track Improvement

With golf, you have measures which allow a player to track progress over time, such as the handicap. It’s very easy, in this way, to see how you are improving over time. If you work on perfecting your golf swing, on the driving range, you can quantify how far you’re hitting the ball, in each session.

If you see the numbers on your scorecard going down, it’s likely to be the result of a number of different skills and sub-sets of the game’s techniques. With driving, pitching and putting to master, you have a wide variety of shots, each with variations to the technique.


As if it wasn’t hard enough, to guide a small ball into a slightly larger hole, without sand and water getting into the way. Golf expects and requires precision; otherwise you end up in difficult situations very quickly. There’re the dropped shots into water, as well as the uphill challenge of a sloped bunker. Even the longer grass, off the fairway, can be a challenge to a golfer learning their skills.

How to Put Spin on a Golf Ball

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