Improve Your Golf Swing

In order to improve your golf swing and get to the point where it is completely natural to you you need to be sure you have the basics in check first. Even a relatively experienced golfer will probably have picked up some bad habits so whatever the level you are at it is worth making sure you have the basics working for you.

The first thing to do is to relax. Make sure there is not a lot of tension in your body as this will restrict the swing and lead to the mistakes. Make sure your body is straight at the spine. Next root your feet to the floor so you are firmly connected to the ground. Keep your legs straight but allow room to pivot at the hip level.

As you are going to swing make sure there is no tension throughout your body and then strike the ball in a smooth motion. When you go for the backswing make sure you are not going too slowly or you will probably find that your shot does not go the distance you anticipated. The tendency for many is to just gently glide the club upwards but you should apply some force to make it easier on the downswing.

Also be aware of your breathing as this will help to dissolve any tension you may be feeling. Many golfers ignore the need for having a clear and focused mind but you will probably have noticed the difference when you are distracted. You will want to be able to quickly get focus and concentration and this will come through practice.

So those are the basics to improving your golf swing. It comes down to practice a lot of the time but you will need to have a good technique to work from so that the practice is not fruitless.

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