How To Break 80 Review

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  • Can an everyday golfer learn to deliver consistent golfing performance, without resorting to expensive coaching or equipment?
  • Can you maximize your results, so that you get the most enjoyment from your golf every time you play?
  • Do you want to know how to change your golf game for good? Read this review and find out what’s really possible!

We all know that the professional golfers of the world have no trouble breaking 80 strokes on every round, but what about the rest of us?

If you’re a beginner to intermediate level golfer, you’re either looking to break 80 for the first time, or you’re looking to break 80, every time you play.

Consistency is the key, when it comes to playing golf. There’s really nothing more important than making the right stroke at the right time, to minimize dropped shots, hazards and endless frustration, where you wonder why the ball ended up where it did.

Of course, you’ll want to make sure that you can get some extra distance on your drive, so that you’re nearer the green off the tee, and it helps if you can develop your approach shots too, so that you get a good position on the green.

how to break 80All of these things and more are available, to the golfer who studies How To Break 80, putting into practice the expertly crafted lessons within.

The Everyday Golfer’s Secret

How To Break 80 is designed for the everyday golfer, not someone who is already a pro. The title says it all, with a nice straightforward aim, to get you hitting a respectable score, on a consistent basis. (it’s not a book full of theories!)

Now, there are a lot of golf training programs out there, and they can vary a lot, in terms of quality. This much should be clear to an enthusiastic golfer. Some of them fail, not because of their expertise, but because they fail to take into account what works for real golfers and what helps them to develop their skills.

How To Break 80 was written by a working guy, who just worked on his golf until he could hold his head up at the golf course. Which means…

  • Golf training tips you can use to improve your drive, your swing and your game
  • An everyday perspective, no assumptions of what you do and don’t know
  • Real secrets which suit the weekend or evening golfer, which you may not want to share at the clubhouse!

Why It Could Work For You

Now, that level of useful golf knowledge won’t just materialize through playing golf, very few people learn this stuff alone. The author, Jack Moorhouse, had to study a lot of video, books and get coached to get there, so that you don’t have to.

It seems that the breakthrough, for this product, came from getting clued in to the secrets of unlocking the golf swing, while undergoing some expensive lessons from a pro, the kind of thing that you could take forever to unlock, on your own.

One thing’s for certain, How To Break 80 is a whole lot more efficient than going through an expensive, time consuming and uncertain journey of discovery all on your own. For that, it gets full marks.

Any time you come across a training program that’s born of hard work and a determination to improve, you know it’s going to generate some real insight, for every other golfer looking to shape their game.

And the best thing…It focuses on practical ways to improve your game, not a whole load of difficult theories. (Perfect if you’re in a hurry to start improving your golf).

If you enjoy golf, but want more out of it, if you love learning by doing and feel satisfied when you can feel, see and score improvement, then you should take a look at How To Break 80 today.

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