Tempted by Golf? It’s Good Exercise

When I started getting a greater interest in golf I wasn’t that fit. Now, I’m no Olympian, but I’ve seen a very real increase in my fitness. Shall we take a look at yet another reason why golf, and the pursuit of the perfect golf swing, offers so much more than just a challenging game.

Another Reason To Play

There are as many good reasons to exercise as there are good reasons to play golf. Everybody’s awareness of the need for a healthy lifestyle is increasing, yet many people choose not to do anything to exercise.

Perhaps, the most common reason for this is clear, many people find exercise boring. So, for that reason, it’s important to find an activity that excites you. If you’ve any interest in golf, you’ll find that it can be a lot more entertaining than lifting weights or running a treadmill.

It’s Suitable For All

Golf can be a useful exercise activity for the young and old, with few, if any, physical barriers in place. Men and women can enjoy it, and the entertaining nature of golf can make you forget the fact you’re exercising!

It’s a sport that’s pretty easy to learn too, and those who are put off by watching golf, on television, will find that it’s a completely different beast when you’re out on the golf course. The combination of exercise and entertainment makes it easier to fit into a busy lifestyle.

The Golfing Bug

If you, like me, get bitten by the golfing bug, you’ll find yourself looking for excuses to play. I can’t imagine another place I’d go looking for exercise. I’ve got rivalries and personal pride to spur me on, so I’m always looking to practice, or play a round.

Whether I’m practicing my drive, on the range, or playing a full round, I’m getting exercise. That’s why golf is turning sedentary individuals into sporting go-getters, around the world. I find that going for the best golf swing would be reward enough in itself, but knowing I’m getting fitter, at the same time, really takes some beating.

Exercise From The Off

If you take lessons, you’ll be getting exercise from the get go. Likewise if you decide to take up a buddy’s offer to play, you’ll be getting quite the work-out. Any additional learning you do will increase your agility and stamina, until you’re questing for the perfect golf swing too.

If you’re not that physically fit, you don’t have to abstain from golf, just work up to it. Start by playing a shorter number of holes, practicing on a range for short periods or get lessons and you’ll soon be away. Remember that not all courses are the same length too, while you are working up your fitness.

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