Ryder Cup 2010 – Golf’s Biggest Event Is Here

Going back into the mists of time, Newport in Wales was best known for its steel industry. But with the combined presence of Europe and The United States’ finest golfers, it’s irons of a different kind, firing up Newport right now, courtesy of the Ryder Cup 2010.

The whole region is abuzz for the Ryder Cup right now, as the top golfers get ready for the biggest tournament in golf. And whether you’re a casual golf observer or keen golf aficionado, there’s much to be excited about. Enough to bring out the golf fan in anyone? I certainly hope so.

The United States team won the tournament in 2008 but that’s just made the competition even fiercer, as the Europeans have much to prove, and it looks like there’s plenty of enthusiasm to meet the challenge, on both sides.

The Celtic Manor Resort has a new course, aptly named the Twenty Ten and its 18 holes have been crafted with this tournament in mind. Who’ll come out victorious? Only time will tell, but it’s an event set to be watched by over 650 million people worldwide. Maybe some competitors of the future will be inspired, for the first time, by watching this Ryder cup, in 2010,

After all, the world’s number 1 golfer will be there, and as well as Tiger Woods, there’s a further eight of the other top ten ranked golfers playing, between the two teams.

You’ve also got the prospect of a number of these highly ranked golf specialists making their first appearances at the Ryder Cup 2010. Hotly tipped new European star Rory McIlroy, and American surprise choice Rickie Fowler are amongst those I’ll be paying close attention to.

Now, a lot of golf enthusiasts will be looking for golf tips, missing their own weekend tee times to do so. Believe me; missing a weekend’s golf is not a sacrifice I make lightly!

If you find yourself in this position too, it’s likely you’ll be hitting the driving range with renewed vigor, once the competition is over. You may already be thinking you need to improve your golf, just at the thought of watching golf of this caliber.

However, as much as I’ll get something out of watching, apart from pure golfing enjoyment, there’s only so much you can learn by watching on TV. More than anything, the Ryder Cup 2010 will be an opportunity to inspire improvement. It’s an opportunity that only comes every two years.

And, if you feel inspired, by the stunning golf on display, whether experienced or not, it may be time to consider getting some support to bring out your own perfect golf swing.

If you want to make your own play worthy of the Ryder Cup, or at least somewhere close (!), understanding the seven secrets of the perfect golf swing is vital. While I might not have become a Ryder Cup 2010 participant, I’ve not given up my hope, for the future, thanks to the improvements I’ve made!

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