Putting Tips – Eliminate The Round Killers

Is Bad Putting Letting You Down? Is your whole golf game suffering, because of the stress of missed putts? Get control of your golf game back, right now. (Start by reading this short article!).

What’s the most frustrating thing for you, when it comes to playing golf? While I’m sure there’ll be no consistent single answer, you know that putting frustrations are going to be high on the list, for sure.

putting tipsElimination the frustration of bad putting doesn’t need to be all that stressful, either, and it can make a huge difference, when it comes to getting satisfaction from your golf time. All you need is to take same heart, from these putting tips, and then just take it from there.

First of all, be aware of the mental aspect of golf. Like many sports golf relies on having nerves as steel. In fact, in golf it’s probably more important than most, because it’s a sport of control and finesse, rather than brute strength. Be calm and steady. Prepare yourself mentally for this.

A good preshot routine can be a great way to stabilize the mind before any putt. While you may have considered or developed a general pre-shot routine, you may want to create something slightly different for putting, to remind yourself of the subtlety of putting. It’s a mental game, golf, but putting is even more so.

In fact, it will soon become clear that putting is almost entirely mental, with a little bit of a physical dexterity needed, of course. After all, you only need to move the ball a few yards, in many cases, but the challenge can seem like no other in the world, to some golfers.

The cup is always the same size, but it can feel tiny or huge, depending on your perspective, distance and mental attitude. Remind yourself of this consistency of size, should the hole start to seem tiny, from only a short distance.

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Putting tips are almost always centered on the importance of maintaining good mental attitude and calmness. Good breathing and visualization can help a good golfer become great, but it also pays to consider the importance of the putter. The putter is your interface between your mind and body and the ball, so it pays to do things right.

Don’t be dazzled by high-tech putters, but do make sure that yours is a good fit and comfortable too. Some golfers like to use the broomstick style putters. They offer great stability, but their action can reduce accuracy over smaller distances. Try to find what works out best for you.

So, when it comes to putting tips, you need to make sure you have the right mental attitude, with a clear mind and a good control over external thoughts. You should also make sure you have the right tools for the job. Pretty simple, right?

Now get out there and start putting better! And if that doesn’t do it, there are some great training programs out there, capable of taking you through the entire process, in full and frank detail, because good putting secrets are worth their weight in gold.

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