Improving Your Golfing Handicap

Working on your golf game and your handicap go hand in hand. With that in mind let’s take a quick look at the handicap and some tips that you can use to improve your play.

A Quick Note On Handicaps

If you are comfortable with what a handicap is and how it’s calculated, please read the next section and find out how you can improve yours.

Remember that your handicap is not based on the score you get for a single game. You will need to play a few games before you can attempt to create a baseline score.

golf sand shotEven when you have played a few games of golf you need to remember that it’s not just your average score, in most cases. The calculation of your handicap is based on the ratings that apply to each course that you play on. Different courses can have different impacts on your golf handicap.

Because of the ratings, a player who scores an average game of 10 over par, will have a handicap in the 7-9 range.

How To Improve Your Handicap

The general consensus, from golfing experts, is that the key to improving your handicap lies in the skills you possess with the putter and the wedge.

It’s all very well being able to drive the ball great distances, but if you can’t finish the job with the putter, you’ll be destined to have a high handicap for the rest of your life.

A focus on putting is wise, as this will shave off the shots. Remember that you’ll always need to putt (unless you hit a hole in one!), but you won’t always need to use the wedge.

Of course, focusing on putting and wedge shots will produce the biggest long-term improvements. You’ll also find that this type of practice will improve your driving, down the line, as your precision and control will benefit from the efforts in these areas.

Focusing on your shorter shots and working outwards, you’ll soon find it’s having a significant impact on your ratings, on a round. But that’s not all you need to consider to shave off those shots.

Don’t Forget Confidence

A lack of confidence can strike the most technical players, and the impact, on mere mortals will be magnified considerably. So, in your golf you need to make sure your confidence is in check, each time you hit the course.

Remember that it’s a learning curve, and take pride in the areas of your game that work well. This can often get you through a lapse in confidence and concentration. It’s always useful to understand your strengths and weaknesses, when you’re looking to improve.

Learning to accept that even the best players make mistakes can have a huge effect on your game. So, if you can manage to keep this thought in your mind, you’ll find yourself making fewer mistakes- which will result in an even lower handicap.

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