How To Fit Golf Into Your Busy Life

As soon as I started to really get into golf, it became a challenge to balance getting the most out of my golf time, without neglecting my other duties. Here’s a few ways I’ve found, to combine the search for a perfect golf swing, along with day to day life.  I wouldn’t want to be accused of creating any more golf widows, after all!

Golfing Meetings

Many business deals go forward at golf courses, so if you can find a client, business partner or co-worker with a golfing interest you could find a way to get a round in while covering off the business.

Golf’s well suited to this mix of business and pleasure, as the pace is reasonably measured. You’ll be able to talk business without getting breathless. The game’s also good for developing business relationships, due to the shared experience of playing a round of golf. Show someone your golf swing tips and they’re sure to want to do business!

Golf & Vacations

If your family are not keen golfers, it’s important not to drag them to a destination that has nothing to offer but golf. But, that’s not to say there aren’t countless locations, where a family’s broad needs can’t be mutually satisfied.

If there’s some sun, maybe some sand and lots of other activities, chances are that your family won’t miss you too much, if you’re gone for a few hours. They might not notice you’re gone at all! Striking a balance is key though, as fans of beach holidays are unlikely to be satisfied with the sight of a bunker!

Move Closer To A Golf Course!

If it’s the travel time that’s preventing you from enjoying your golf, you can always move closer to your course of choice, or you could find a course that’s nearer. You don’t always have to play at your favourite course either, and it’s always good to get variety. Maybe there’s a course nearby that’s not perfect but has a decent driving range. You can consider using this for practice.

If it’s a real hassle to get to the course, it’ll be hard to stick to your playing schedule, which will slow your rate of development, as a player.

Keeping a Healthy Balance

Hopefully, these tips will help you to gain a good balance between golf and your life, particularly if you have a family. It also helps if your family understand the stress relieving qualities of golf, so make sure you return home, from the golf course, in a good mood- no matter how bad the round!

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