Golf Shoes: Don’t Put A Foot Wrong

Like any sport, there’s a right approach to footwear, as well as a wrong approach. But, with most golfers obsessed with their clubs and ball selection, golf shoes must be the most overlooked piece of equipment in the game.

Runners and basketball players are unlikely to take a step without the right equipment on their feet but golfers don’t seem to have the same attitude. Here I’ll discuss why it pays to look for quality golf shoes, when hitting the course.

Buying Golf Shoes

To get a healthy fit, that can stand the rigors of a golf game, you’re going to have to try them on. For once, we’re talking about something that’s not best bought from the internet, at least until you have a recurring need for shoes of the same kind.

So far, so obvious, right? But do you actually walk around for a moment in your golf shoes, when trying them on. Many golfers don’t, which is odd, considering how much walking can be involved in a round of golf. If you pick a pair that’s uncomfortable after only a short while, you’re going to struggle to maintain the correct stance on the back nine!

It’s actually a good idea to go for a short walk before trying on shoes used for walking. 20 minutes should do it, just to get the feet expanded, which is going to happen significantly, during a long game of golf. For this reason, it’s also worth remembering that the afternoon is better for shoe shopping than morning, as expansion occurs.

Another useful tip is to remember to wear the right socks when you go to buy your golf shoes, as the wrong kind of thickness will impact on the fit of the shoes. Gain, keep in mind how much walking you could be doing during a round and you’ll save yourself some potential for rubbing or chaffing, by getting the fit just right.

Picking A Style

Golf shoes have come a long way over the last few years. These days you have sandals, boots and sportier looking models, alongside the more traditional models. All sorts of different cleat patterns have been developed, so take time to consider your options.

You may want to consider the footwear rules, for your club, when making a selection. Some clubs can be a little traditional; as I’m sure we’re all aware. So they might not take to the idea of golfing sandals just yet!

As with most things in life, quality pays, within reason. So, it may be a good idea to budget for the best pair you can afford, particularly if you’re playing regularly. They’ll tend to last longer that way, compared to cheaper models.

In Summary…

It’s easy to overlook the importance for golf shoes, but in a game with a lot of walking, where stance is important, it’s actually a topic more important than most of us imagine.

There are a lot of styles available these days, but the primary consideration should be comfort and quality. As a golfer it’s easy to be swayed by the latest technologies and flashy designs but it’s the build quality and stability that’ll make the difference. At the end of the round.

As long as it’s a well made shoe, that doesn’t rub or cause agony, it’s going to do the job, but you’ll be better off spending the time to get it right, first time.

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