Do I Need A Golf Caddy?

There are some golfers who insist on having a golf caddy, no matter what. If you see this, and wonder if you need one too, it may be time to consider when a caddy is necessary for your golf game.

The pros have caddies, and with the right skills a caddy can be a valuable asset to a golfer. But, in the same way that the best golf clubs often only benefit the best players, there are times when wanting what the pros have becomes far from practical, especially in an era where carts and buggies are making the act of carrying clubs easier than ever.

Of course, a good caddy can do more than carry clubs. A pro caddy, of the highest standards, will advise of clubs, read greens and support the golfer’s needs, but let’s be clear- you won’t get this from the young, inexperienced types at your local course!

When Might I Need A Caddy?

Let’s look at a selection of situations where a caddy may be beneficial.

When Playing A Competition

If, for example, you’re taking part in an amateur competition, or a charity tournament, it may be worth getting a caddy, as it’ll help to keep your mind on the competition. As you reach higher standards of competition, you’ll find more players using caddies, and a higher level of caddy skill on display.

When You Are Recovering From Injury

If you’re taking your first steps back on to the golf course after an injury, whether golf related or not, it may be beneficial to have someone to help out, if carrying heavy objects or bending down is slightly uncomfortable. You might want a caddy to help take the strain.

When Carts and Buggies Are Not Allowed

Some clubs and courses don’t allow golf carts or buggies, so it may prove to be useful to have a caddy, especially if you are used to using these modern conveniences. It may come as a shock to the system, if you aren’t used to the additional exercise!

When You’re Playing A New Course

If you can get a skilled caddy, you may find some useful tips and tricks can be gained, when hitting a new course for the first time, Getting a good understanding of distances, hazards and green readings may accelerate your learning.

When You Turn Pro

Getting the best possible caddy is usually the preserve of professionals, so it’s perfectly possible to leave the services of a caddy, until your golf swing is your livelihood, or at least getting close to that. At this stage, it’s likely that you’ll want to use a regular caddy, with lots of experience, with whom you’ll build a bond of trust and understanding. That’s the kind of bond that you won’t get from a youngster carrying bags for the tip money!

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