Beginner Golf Tips

If you’ve started playing golf recently then you’ll know it can be an incredibly fun yet frustrating experience. When you get some basics under your belt it will get a lot easier so I have prepared some beginner golf tips to set you on the right track.

A good idea if you have not been out on the course yet is to practice on the driving range. You can make some big improvements firing some balls onto the range and even chipping and putting in your garden or a nice area of grass.

It can be a little intimidating on the course at first so this will give you a nice confidence boost.

Learn from experienced players
Some people ask if I recommend getting a coach or learning for yourself. A coach can often be very expensive so I would suggest you do not hire one at least at the beginning. Later on you may decide to take this path but for now I think learning on your own is a good idea.

I would suggest picking up this golfing program to learn some incredible techniques from the start. If you prefer to learn by playing then make sure you get out onto the course regularly and keep it up.

Don’t get sucked into the idea that you need the most expensive clubs to play well. I know many people who picked up the nicest clubs they could afford and then gave up golf shortly after. Start off with anything you can get hold of and work your way up.

It actually feels great when you upgrade and really feels like an achievement.

Don’t get disillusioned
Many people start off slow and are constantly slicing the ball or hitting the bunkers. Don’t worry! This is expected and it will all click into place soon enough. Just work at it enough to get over the dip and you will be fine.

So those are the basic beginner golf tips to get you started. If you want to get a head start you could pick up the program I used to make some major improvements in my game at the link below. If you are completely new to the game though you should probably just get out there and practice hitting a few balls and enjoying it.

>> click here for the simple golf swing training

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